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Determining the best Fixed Asset Management System can be challenging task due to unique business needs. Selecting the right system is crucial to meet the needs of your business. There are ten things to consider when choosing a business  management system for your fixed asset maintenance management team.














Business Needs

To effectively choose the ideal fixed asset management system for your business needs, you should first assess your fixed asset management process and maintenance operations, while actively involving your key stakeholders.

Knowledge management (KM) plays a crucial role in organizing and sharing collective knowledge within your organization, ensuring effortless access and retrieval from a centralized location.

Cloud-based fixed asset maintenance management systems such as Zero CMMS provide customers with a software service, enabling easy access to all fixed asset data, historical information, and maintenance records anytime, anywhere.

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When determining the essential features and functionalities required for your business, it is crucial to be specific. By avoiding paying for unnecessary functionalities  and features, you can save expenses and focus on the benefits each necessary feature brings to your fixed asset management and maintenance operations.
Zero CMMS, a modular fixed asset maintenance management system, offers precisely what you need, including real-time planning and scheduling of digital work orders and tasks. With the flexibility to choose which functionalities and features your employees will utilize, other features can remain hidden, ensuring a user-friendly experience.


Utilizing a CMMS for fixed asset management allows for the collection and storage of crucial technical, usage, and condition data. However, without the ability to analyze and generate reports, this asset data becomes irrelevant.
Business Intelligence is a powerful tool that harnesses real-time asset data to inform decision-makers and drive well-informed business strategies.
By integrating Zero CMMS with the Microsoft Power BI platform, you can bridge the gap between your asset data and effective decision-making.
The business intelligence lies in connecting, modeling, and visualizing asset data, providing valuable insights that empower decision-makers and management teams. Tailor-made dashboards and dynamic reports cater to unique business needs, ensuring success in achieving business goals.
MS Power BI
MS Power BI


Ensure that the fixed asset management system you choose empowers you to effortlessly access your data using mobile devices, seamlessly update work orders, and effortlessly issue spare parts, all while effectively monitoring work progress and promptly reporting results in real-time.
Zero CMMS is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) specially crafted for mobile users operating on the factory floor or out in the field. With a user interface that remains consistent across all device types, Zero CMMS seamlessly integrates with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems, as well as all modern web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, for example.
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Tablet (Portrait)-1


Ensuring a user-friendly interface and ease of use is crucial for your maintenance team. An easily navigable fixed asset management system significantly reduces training time and costs, resulting in faster and more efficient operations. Actively listen to your team's valuable feedback during free trials to accurately assess the usability and ease of use.
Zero CMMS is thoughtfully designed for the mobile user, making maintenance jobs hassle-free and highly productive. It reduces the time it takes for machine operators and maintenance engineers to execute their administrative duties.
Request a demo or free trial for your fixed asset maintenance team to see how well Zero CMMS works for your business.
Smartphone (Portrait)
Smartphone (Portrait)


A fixed asset management system should provide flexible structures that allow for the addition of features and functionalities as your business evolves. It is crucial to avoid selecting a system that cannot be tailored or upgraded to align with your specific business needs.
Zero CMMS is a modular fixed asset maintenance management system and customers decide what functionalities and features they need and want to use. New features are continuously developed based on customers' dynamic business requirements. Zero CMMS is highly customizable and undergoes multiple upgrades throughout the year.
Additionally, software development services are readily available if required.
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When selecting a fixed asst management system, it is crucial to choose one that seamlessly integrates with your existing business management systems. It is important to partner with a software service supplier that offers system integration and software development services to ensure smooth communication and integration between systems.
Zero CMMS has the capability to integrate with condition monitoring systems, ERP systems, document  and content management systems, financial accounting systems, payroll systems, and numerous other business management systems. 
MS Power BI


To prevent any unexpected costs, it's crucial to understand the cost structure of the fixed asset management system. Keep in mind the potential charges for additional users, data storage, and advanced features. Also, take into consideration the long-term cost implications, including the possibility of price increases.
Zero CMMS offers customers a cost-effective solution by being a cloud-based system, eliminating the need for expensive on-premises installations. Unlike traditional fixed asset management systems, Zero CMMS is hosted on a cloud server, saving customers from investing in data servers and the hassle of server maintenance and updates which means that a cloud service reduces the time it takes for system administrators to manage servers to zero and they can use the saved time for more important duties.
Zero CMMS users need only their personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other type of mobile device to access the system via wireless data networks, making it a convenient and efficient software service (cloud service).
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Ensure that you select a fixed asset management system that prioritizes security. Take the initiative to inquire about the software service provider's security protocols, and also assess their certifications like ISO 27001 and their commitment to frameworks such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
Zero CMMS software and customers' databases are securely installed on two cloud servers situated in the state-of-the-art Helsinki Data Centers, which are owned and operated by Equinix (Finland) Oy.




When considering potential vendors, inquire about their onboarding process. Who is the project manager and who are the subject matter experts on the team? Is training delivered online or onsite and how much time it takes to get started?
User training is part of the onboarding process of Zero CMMS that begins with a kick off meeting. Customer nominates the project manager and project team members are selected based on their subject matter expertise.
Main users (system admins) will receive a full day online or onsite training covering all functionalities and features included in the selected software version to enable main users to help other users to use Zero CMMS,  if needed.
Management level users (bosses) will receive a half day training including all management jobs to be done with Zero CMMS such as maintenance planning, scheduling, monitoring, and controlling as well as reporting. Warehouse, inventory and purchasing managers will receive additional training to manage spare parts, materials, tools, and equipment in warehouses.
Maintenance workers, who execute maintenance tasks, will receive a few hour training to enable them to execute, document, and report maintenance tasks and issue spare parts and materials,  as well as borrow and return tools and equipment.
Machine operators will receive a one hour training to enable them to execute routine maintenance tasks, notify machine failures, and report observed hazards on the factory floor or out in the field.
All users will receive a short training to enable them to create service requests anytime, anywhere.
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Customer service representatives are ready to receive service requests from customers' main users, if they need help with training other users to use Zero CMMS or if they need any other services.
Technical support team is ready to receive support requests and solve technical issues if needed. Customers' main users can create service requests by using technical support portal anytime, anywhere. 
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The 5 Step Plan Will Help You Define Your Business Needs

Finding the perfect fixed asset management system for your fixed asset maintenance service business or maintenance service team is not easy. But we can help.

It is important to identify your specific business needs first, and then define functional requirements, and carefully select the necessary features.

However, before diving into the selection process, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate your fixed asset maintenance strategy and the maintenance  process. Additionally, consider redesigning your customer, employee, and asset management processes in alignment with your revised strategy.

Remember, the fixed asset management system should seamlessly support your business processes and strategy, rather than the other way around.

We can help implement The 5-Step Plan for companies who want to improve the maintenance service strategy and the maintenance process as well as other business processes.
Book a 30-minute consultation with Jorma Manninen, the Founder & CEO of Business Made Agile (Ltd.), and let him listen to your business challenges and try to find ways to help you reach your business goals.
The first call is free of charge.
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Jorma Manninen

"The Business Made Agile company was founded to help small and medium sized maintenance service businesses and maintenance service teams of large enterprises to improve the current maintenance strategy and processes and to implement business process management systems needed for enterprise asset management."

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Service Design

Maintenance service business managers are facing challenges with poor service design and the high costs associated with service delivery. Inadequate service design can result in a negative service experience, potentially causing customer loss. It is essential to redesign your service offering and funding mechanism to effectively meet customer needs and cover the expenses of service delivery.

Software Services

Maintenance service business managers are striving to effectively and efficiently handle their workforce, clientele, and operational resources using elementary office management software tools. However, these office software tools fall short in meeting the demands of modern asset maintenance management, especially for large enterprises, and even for small and medium-sized maintenance service businesses.

Professional Services

Maintenance service companies are making efforts to independently understand and utilize software tools, but frequently become exhausted from the process of self-learning through reading manuals, watching videos, and relying on trial and error. Meanwhile, software companies aim to minimize their expenses by delegating the responsibility of learning to their customers.