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Maintenance Service Businesses Must Get Five Things Right

"Service offering must match with customer needs and funding mechanism must cover the cost of service excellence."

"Employees, customers, and assets must be managed better to improve the employee and customer experience and maintain the operational assets in good working order."

Jorma Manninen

The Founder of Business Made Agile

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Software Services

"Businesses face challenges when it comes to the expensive enterprise management systems installed on their own servers. That's why we provide a solution by offering cloud-based management systems as a software service."

"Say goodbye to high costs and hello to efficiency and convenience!"

Jorma Manninen, Business Made Agile

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Employee Management

Service businesses are actively searching for solutions to effectively maintain and boost employee productivity, regardless of their location.
Black logo - no background-1Zero CMMS includes necessary software modules for employee management including monitoring, allowing for tracking of work time and employee location. This enables businesses to effectively uphold employee productivity, regardless of their remote working arrangement. Such features are essential for the employee management of maintenance service businesses.
5842a629a6515b1e0ad75afaHubSpot offers the capability to track and log email conversations, schedule meetings, and facilitate phone calls between managers and employees. Additionally, integrated messaging apps such as Google Meet, MS Teams, and Zoom can be used to record virtual meetings.
Zero CMMS and HubSpot provide the software tools needed to provide employees with everything they need to do their maintenance jobs.
With Zero CMMS, we have the capability to effectively monitor our employees anywhere, anytime.


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Customer Management

Maintenance service businesses are facing challenges when it comes to effectively managing their customers. The volume of companies, contacts, leads, deals, and service requests is growing rapidly.
5842a629a6515b1e0ad75afaHubSpot provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that encompasses customer relationship management (CRM), sales, marketing, customer service, and service operations management. And it offers a really easy to use content management system (CMS) for efficiently managing your web pages, landing pages, and blog posts.
Black logo - no background-1Zero CMMS can be used to involve your  customers' employees to execute routine maintenance jobs so that you can help your customers to save time and money it takes to take care of their assets.
The key to success for a service business is a customer-focused service offering integrated throughout the company. We use HubSpot CRM and Zero CMMS to provide the platform for achieving just that!
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Asset Management

Maintenance service businesses are facing great challenges in effectively managing their own and their customers' assets. As the assets age, they become increasingly vulnerable to failure if preventive maintenance programs are not carefully executed.
Black logo - no background-1Zero CMMS offers a comprehensive digital platform that encompasses software modules for effectively managing asset data and documents, maintenance manuals and instructions, work orders, work permits, tasks, equipment, tools, spare parts and materials, as well as purchase requisitions, purchase orders, stakeholder companies, and contacts.
Power-BI-Logo-PNG_005Power BI is a unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI) that integrates with Zero CMMS. Power BI can be used for maintenance data mining and visual reporting purposes. Tailor-made customer specific dashboards and synchronized reports create a unique user experience.
Zero CMMS can be integrated with condition monitoring systems and other enterprise management systems to create a complete digital platform for enterprise asset management.
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Knowledge Management

Maintenance service businesses are actively seeking methods to enhance organizational efficiency and preserve knowledge in a conveniently accessible format.
Knowledge management facilitates the dismantling of barriers within businesses by centralizing information in one location. It serves as a repository where individuals can store the knowledge they have accumulated over time, safeguarding valuable information from being lost when employees depart from the company.
Power-BI-Logo-PNG_005Microsoft Power BI is a unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI) used for data mining and visual reporting.
Black logo - no background-1Zero CMMS is an mobile cloud-based maintenance management system that integrates with Power BI.
5842a629a6515b1e0ad75afaHubSpot CRM is a customer relationship management system that can be used for customer knowledge management.
By utilizing these systems you can effectively organize and harness data for making well informed decisions.
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Professional Services

"Business Made Agile was founded to help maintenance service businesses redesign their service offering and funding mechanism as well as implement employee, customer, and asset management systems."

Jorma Manninen, Business Made Agile

Service Offering

Must be matched with customer needs!

Funding Mechanism

Must cover the cost of service excellence!

Employee Management

Must improve employee experience!

Customer Management

Must improve customer experience!

Asset Management

Must maintain asset condition!


"We use service design methodologies and tools to get things right."

Jorma Manninen, Business Made Agile


The objective of the workshop is to gain a thorough understanding of the project's purpose and the desired outcome, whether it be a product, service, or result.
During the workshop, service business owners and managers will provide an overview of their service offering and funding mechanism, as well as the practices and systems used for employee, customer, and asset management. The Project Manager will develop a Project Charter and submit it for approval.
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Service Offering

Many service business are specialized, but their services are not differentiated from others so they must lower their prices below competition to win and retain customers.
Ask yourself, what is the core functional job to done and how do your customers want the service to be delivered?
Once customers' needs are analyzed and understood, it is essential to redesign the service offering and the service attributes to match with the customers' needs.
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Funding Mechanism

Many service business are specialized and differentiated, but if their funding mechanism can't cover the cost of service operations, the business can't survive in the long run.
Ask yourself, should my company's services be priced according to the hours, days, or months they are provided, or should they be based on the results and outcomes achieved?
Once services have been redesigned, the cost of service delivery must be calculated, and the funding mechanism adjusted to make profit.
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Employee Management

Many service businesses don't know how to create a great employee experience to make it easy to attract talent and retain the best performers, and to grow the business.
Ask yourself, how should I enable, empower, and engage my employees to create a great employee experience?
By changing and implementing employee management practices and systems you can improve employee enablement, empowerment, and engagement and the employee experience.
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Customer Management

Many service businesses don't know how to engage their customers' employees and their own employees to work together.
Consider how can I engage the employees of my customers to collaborate with my own team to collectively create value?
By changing and implementing customer management practices and systems you can make it easy to involve your customers' employees to work with your own employees.
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Asset Management

Many service business customers don't know how to maintain their property, plant and equipment in good working order.
Ask yourself what types of asset maintenance strategies would you apply to your customers' assets if you were in charge of their maintenance?
Evaluate the current strategies to ensure your customers have chosen the best maintenance strategy for their assets, and propose to change asset management practices and implement systems to support the strategies.
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The Values

"Our company values are the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that help us reach our goals."

Jorma Manninen, Business Made Agile


Be honest!


Be fair!


Be brave!


Be focused!


Be motivated!

Lets Get Jobs Done Better!

We are on a mission to improve the world, Together.

The Founder

Jorma Manninen


The Five Things a Maintenance Service Business Must Get Right

"Maintenance service businesses are struggling with service offering and funding mechanism as well as employee, customer, and asset management so we offer our help to redesign maintenance services, and change management practices, as well as implement management systems."

"As a result maintenance service businesses will win new customers, recruit more employees, and make more money to the company."

Jorma Manninen, The Founder of Business Made Agile

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The Spirit of The Bear Logo

The national animal of Finland is the brown bear.

Bears feature prominently in Finnish mythology, including the national epic KalevalaBears are spiritual beings in many other cultures, too. Bears symbolize courage, open-mindedness, and trust in instincts.

Despite their size and strength, people are drawn to bears and have a deep connection to them. Bears have starred in stories and legends, representing various meanings. Bear meaning and symbolism include: strength, courage and protection, playfulness, patience, and other admirable traits.

The Bear is also one of the 27 personality types of the Enneagram.

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Bears exemplify strength and power, despite their large size. They are built for strength and mobility, using their limbs to forage, climb, dig, and defend.

The bear spirit animal reminds you to find your inner reserves of strength and power, to use them for good, and to stand tall and stand up for others.

The bear spirit animals also teaches you that there are times when diplomacy and compromise may no longer work. Sometimes you need to exert the almighty power of your free will to charge though and get things done.

You are stronger than you know!

Photo by Vicky Sim on Unsplash

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The bear spirit animal reminds you to be fiercely protective of those you love and what you hold dear.

Bears share home ranges but value personal space. If someone threatens you, issue a warning and protect yourself without mercy.

Bears dislike surprises and remind you to lighten up and not dampen others' spirits.

Seeing a bear can be a sign to protect your assets.

Photo by Jo Leonhardt on Unsplash

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Bears are highly intelligent and curious creatures like cats, often standing on their hind legs to get a better scent and inspect new objects.

Even though bears can be serious and aggressive, they also possess a curious and playful side. If the bear spirit animal makes itself known to you, it may be reminding you to embrace your curiosity and playfulness.

Bear meaning can also remind you to be affectionate and gentle, rather than tough and gruff all the time.

Photo by Borna Bevanda on Unsplash

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Bears spend most of their waking hours hunting for food, often targeting smaller animals like rodents or salmon. They possess remarkable patience and can wait for hours or swim for days in pursuit of their prey.

The bear spirit animal teaches us the importance of patience and tenacity in achieving our goals.

Bear symbolism also encourages us to be open-minded and embrace new experiences.

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Bears sleep or hibernate in the winter. If the bear is your spirit animal, you value deep sleep and may get grouchy if woken up prematurely. It's important for you to protect your right to sleep and find ways to recharge.

Having a personal sanctuary, like a man cave or she shed, can help you rest, reflect, and recharge.

The bear spirit animal reminds you to not let your energy get drained and to explore your dreams in tranquility.

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

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