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System administrators are responsible for configuring and managing a company's entire infrastructure, including all of the hardware, software, and operating systems that are necessary to support the running of the business so we offer agile cloud-based business management systems as a software service to save cost and the time it takes for system administrators to manage business operating systems.














 Cloud-based Maintenance Management System

Zero CMMS is a cloud-based maintenance management system designed for fixed asset management and delivered to customers via wireless data networks as a software service to enable the use of personal computers at the office as well as laptops and mobile devices on the factory floor or out in the field.

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Zero CMMS can be integrated with condition monitoring systems and other business management systems to support all types of maintenance strategies selected for operating fixed assets. Subject matter experts can be engaged to analyze fixed asset data and make predictions about upcoming equipment failures and machine breakdowns.

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Zero CMMS includes software modules for fixed asset management, work order  and task management, inventory management and  tool lending, procurement management, as well as visual reporting and business intelligence.

Maintenance service businesses can also use Zero CMMS for selling maintenance services and spare parts as well as for selling or renting tools and equipment.


Global Customer Support

Business Made Agile Oy (Ltd.) serves as the reseller of Zero CMMS and partners with Aneo Software Oy (Ltd.), a Finnish software company that has developed Zero CMMS for fixed asset management.


Tier 1 Support is the initial support level or entry point that Zero CMMS users will first reach every time they need support using Zero CMMS.
Tier 1 Support agents are expected to answer general and product-related questions and provide basic assistance for most of the users' concerns.
Tier 1 Support agents are the  customers' main users of Zero CMMS, who are trained use and administrate the system. They can give access to other users and teach them how to use features and functionalities.
Tier 1 Support agents may transfer and escalate service requests to Tier 2 Support agents.


Tier 2 Support agents are working for the customer service organization and are in charge of handling more complex and niche type service requests or tickets if you like.
Tier 2 Support agents are the  customer service representatives of Business Made Agile (Ltd.), who are trained instructors and can change the system configuration.
Tier 2 Support agents may transfer and escalate customer needs to Tier 3 Support agents.


Tier 3 Support agents are working for the software developer organization and are in charge of handling the most complex and niche type technical service requests or tickets.
Tier 3 Support agents are the software developers and engineers of Aneo Software Oy (Ltd.), who maintain, repair, and improve the source code.
Tier 3 Support agents are capable of developing new features and functionalities based on specific customer-needs and they can help integrate Zero CMMS with other business management systems.


Business Made Agile (Ltd.) uses HubSpot CRM Service Hub as a customer service software for customer relationship management.

Customers' system administrators can create service requests by filling out a simple service request form anytime, anywhere. They can also upload screen captures, photos, or other files.
Tier 2 Support agents will review all service requests and resolve the issues as soon as possible. If they can't resolve an issue, they will escalate it to Tier 3 Support agents.
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Aneo Software Oy (Ltd.) uses Zero CMMS for software maintenance and service request management.
Customers' system administrators and Tier 2 Support agents can access the AneoCRM customer service database and create technical support requests anytime, anywhere.
Tier 3 Support agents will review the technical support requests and resolve the issues as soon as possible.
System administrators can use Create account feature to create a Username and Password for themselves. The AneoCRM database needs only a valid business email address, first name, and last name from a new user.
AneoCRM Database

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Service Design

Maintenance service business managers are facing challenges with poor service design and the high costs associated with service delivery. Inadequate service design can result in a negative service experience, potentially causing customer loss. It is essential to redesign your service offering and funding mechanism to effectively meet customer needs and cover the expenses of service delivery.

Software Services

Maintenance service business managers are striving to effectively and efficiently handle their workforce, clientele, and operational resources using elementary office management software tools. However, these office software tools fall short in meeting the demands of modern asset maintenance management, especially for large enterprises, and even for small and medium-sized maintenance service businesses.

Professional Services

Maintenance service companies are making efforts to independently understand and utilize software tools, but frequently become exhausted from the process of self-learning through reading manuals, watching videos, and relying on trial and error. Meanwhile, software companies aim to minimize their expenses by delegating the responsibility of learning to their customers.