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Software Service Lifecycle

Business owners make significant investments in software licenses and data servers, often spending even more on software and server management throughout the software lifecycle.

That's why we offer agile cloud-based business management systems as a software service, minimizing the initial investment costs and the need for system administrators to manage business operating systems.












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Software service lifecycle begins when you realize that your business needs a system for managing your business processes professionally. By defining your business needs and goals makes it easy for you to explain to the potential software service suppliers what you want to accomplish by investing in a system.

Sometimes defining your business needs and goals is not easy. But we can help.

Book a call with us and we'll help you get started!

Once you have determined your business needs and objectives, it is essential to reach out to software service providers and arrange a demonstration. Alternatively, if you have also outlined your functional and technical requirements, you have the option to request an offer or a proposal, if you like.

Request Offer
Order Service
Proof of Concept


If you wish to study the functional and technical feasibility of a system, we can help you plan and execute a proof of concept (POC) for your team, giving them the hands-on experience.

Proof of Value


If you wish to study the economical feasibility of a system, we can help you plan and execute a proof of value (POV), giving you the confidence to make the investment decision.

Let us guide you through this process, providing the support you need!

Our team will also work closely with your team to design and execute a tailored proof of concept (POC) or a proof of value (POV) strategy by conducting a workshop or a series of workshops in collaboration with your team.

Contact us today to get started!

Software Service Agreement 

A software service agreement acts as a comprehensive contract between the SaaS vendor or reseller and their customers, clearly defining the exact terms and conditions that govern the access, usage, and seamless management of the software by end-users. It also encompasses the smooth handling of subscription and payment matters.

All software service agreements, as well as consulting and other professional service agreements, are subject to the IT2022 Terms and Conditions.


"The First 90 Days"

The process of onboarding your company and users can vary in duration, ranging from a few days to a few months, depending on the scale of the onboarding project. It is essential to establish clear goals, empower the project manager, and carefully select members for the project team.

Our expertise lies in helping you develop a comprehensive project management and execution plan, as well as executing the tasks that fall under our responsibility to ensure efficient completion. Additionally, we offer project management services that you can avail from us. If you have multiple local business units, we recommend gradually onboarding one unit at a time to ensure smooth integration.


Business management systems delivered via wireless data networks as software service makes it easy for you to access the systems without the hassle of installing any software on your personal computers or mobile devices.

It's as simple as...

1. Navigating to your account.

2. Using your username and password to sign in.

3. Installing the solution icon on your mobile device and web browser for quick access to the system.

For example, professional progressive web applications such as Zero CMMS, a cloud-based maintenance management system, provide you with seamless access to the system without the requirement of downloading any software from the Apple Store or Google Play.



The software vendor handles all the setup for you, saving you time and money instead of investing in data servers and software licenses.

They also take care of data migration, whether it's by obtaining the data from you or integrating systems to exchange information between the systems automatically.



At Business Made Agile, we understand that every business is unique, with its own set of needs and requirements.

That's why business management systems are designed to be customizable, allowing you to customize them to fit your specific business needs and functional requirements.

P.S. Software vendors have the capability to adapt and tailor their systems to perfectly align with your unique business needs and functional requirements. Whether it's reconfiguring their software to fit your purpose or developing new functionalities and features, they are dedicated to ensuring a seamless match with your specific requirements.



Don't waste any more of your valuable time poring over manuals. Instead, let us guide you and provide live online training sessions for users of all levels.

Or learn at your own pace by watching recorded presentations, helpful instructional videos, and archived training sessions, as well as attending webinars, and more.

P.S. Onsite training is possible, if needed.



Get the perfect interface to accomplish your tasks!

Customize your user interface language and personalize the way you search for information and view your search results.

Access software platforms seamlessly from mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, PDAs, and other Android / iOS devices, as well as web browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge installed on your laptop or desktop computers.


"Life Cycle"



Simplicity is key when it comes to the maintenance of systems delivered to customers vie wireless data networks as a software service. All you have to maintain are your mobile devices and your personal computers in good working order by keeping your operating systems and web browsers updated on a regular basis.
Our customer service representatives are here to support you with central user administration and efficient data management. Rest assured, our partners, the dedicated software vendors, work tirelessly to keep their software services running smoothly round the clock.



Software vendors ensure that you have the latest software version in use by updating their systems on a regular basis. They can also develop new software upgrades for companies, who need to get their jobs done better, more cheaply, or make their jobs more predictable.




Software vendors are responsible for solving technical issues. Our customer service representatives can receive your service requests and forward them to the software vendors or your system administrators can create technical support requests directly in the support portals of the software vendors.


"The End of Software Service Life"


There comes a time when it becomes necessary to end software service subscriptions. Software vendors understand this and take responsibility for assisting departing customers in securely downloading their data, even several months after the termination of the software service agreement.

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Service Design

Maintenance service business managers are facing challenges with poor service design and the high costs associated with service delivery. Inadequate service design can result in a negative service experience, potentially causing customer loss. It is essential to redesign your service offering and funding mechanism to effectively meet customer needs and cover the expenses of service delivery.

Software Services

Maintenance service business managers are striving to effectively and efficiently handle their workforce, clientele, and operational resources using elementary office management software tools. However, these office software tools fall short in meeting the demands of modern asset maintenance management, especially for large enterprises, and even for small and medium-sized maintenance service businesses.

Professional Services

Maintenance service companies are making efforts to independently understand and utilize software tools, but frequently become exhausted from the process of self-learning through reading manuals, watching videos, and relying on trial and error. Meanwhile, software companies aim to minimize their expenses by delegating the responsibility of learning to their customers.