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 Cloud-based Maintenance Management System

Manage your operating fixed assets, employees, and customers through our software, consulting, and other professional services.

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Zero CMMS offers several benefits you should consider before selecting and implementing a cloud-based maintenance management system for your fixed assets.


Zero CMMS is designed for mobile use and it is a so called Progressive Web Application (PWA). This means that the users don't have to go to any app store or download or install any software on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or personal computers.

Users need only their unique username and password to access the system anytime, anywhere within the wireless data networks' coverage area.

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Machine operators, inspectors, and maintenance engineers carry out their maintenance jobs on the factory floor or out in the field so the user interface has been made simple to use for mobile users.

Managers use the same user interface; however, larger computer screens are recommended for viewing visual reports and using the maintenance management functionalities.

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Unlike traditional business management systems that have a very high initial software license fee, Zero is delivered to customers as a software service and the services are invoiced on a regular basis.
Recurring software service fees are normally based on the number of users and functionalities used by customers, so the software service levels are easy to upgrade or downgrade and the number of users and user roles can be adjusted.
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Aneo Software Oy will set up a new database for every new customer and install Zero CMMS on data servers located in Helsinki Data Centers owned and operated by Equinix Finland Oy.
Equinix is committed to safeguarding customers’ data footprints to match the rapid speed of business in today’s digital-first world. Visit the certifications page for a list of data-center-specific certifications.
Aneo Software Oy will improve the system continuously and develop functionalities and new features as well as  update  the software on a regular basis so customers can use using the latest version of Zero CMMS.
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Small and medium sized businesses can start using Zero CMMS immediately after signing a software service agreement. Aneo Software Oy needs only a few days for the system setup and configuration.
Larger enterprises need normally a few weeks for data migration to upload maintenance objects, spare part items, and other maintenance related historical information and data to the cloud.


Zero CMMS can be integrated with other systems and software like MS Power BI by Aneo Software Oy in collaboration with the customer and the representatives of the other systems.
Other systems related to condition monitoring, financial accounting and payroll, enterprise resource planning, document management, and many other types of business management systems can be integrated with Zero CMMS.
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Users need only a link, username, and password to get access to Zero CMMS. Initial training takes only a few hours and they learn best by doing their jobs.
Smartphones, tablets, or laptops can be used on the factory floor or out in the field and personal computers at the office. Portable Data Terminal  (PDT) scanners are also used for spare part and material handling and warehouse management.
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Every customer business case differs from others so the return on investment depends on each individual customer.
For example, last year one power plant in Finland produced over 10 MWh electric power per hour for almost 8,250 hours per year. If you believe that Zero CMMS can help the power plant to reduce unplanned maintenance downtime by just 1%, the additional amount of electric power sold to the grid would be almost 1000 MWh or about 66000 euros depending on the market price of electric power. 
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Machine operators and maintenance engineers frequently find themselves working on the factory floor or out in the field, carrying out their corrective and preventive maintenance tasks.
Zero CMMS is designed for mobile users in mind and it makes it easy to create work orders and execute maintenance tasks as well as manage customers, employees, and operating fixed assets,  and spare parts and materials anytime, anywhere within wireless  data networks' coverage area.


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